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June 19, 2023

#Millennials developer with 10+ years of experience has seen significant change into pattern of software development. Starting from Desktop class apps, to html based website to website builder, to complex web-apps and customer facing mobile apps. They are witness of all these transition of digitisation through various development technologies.

Millennials are witness of long journey of digital transformation. How world shifted from Desktop based app to Web-Apps and now Mobile-first approach. They have seen and worked with many development technologies.

Passion of coding and deep understanding of business logic keeps them working with coding large scale project over the months, sometimes for years.

It’s rightly said, become a Master of One is better than Jack of All.

But, in #informationtechnology and specially into #softwaredevelopment if you not upgrade yourself with latest trend, you become outdated.

We respect and invite these #citizendevelopers who are good in #businessanalysis, #businesslogics and excellent to interpret #customerrequirement and convert into #SRS is Software Requirement Specification, formally.

Citizen Developers, who left coding behind before many years but have passion to build something excited, join us in our upcoming webinar dedicated to those grey hair IT genius, who have developed large scale solutions without #StackOverFlow

While talking about GenZ, whose first priority is visual development, drag-n-drop and mostly focus on ready-to-use based concept, don’t have that much patience to spend thousands of hours in coding, debugging and re-coding if required. GenZ believe in result, faster result.

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